Sunday, March 8, 2009

Growing Plants - knitting pattern (in English)

($ 5 USD)
for Beginner Knitters
knitted bunny knitted rabbit
knitted bunny knitted rabbit knitted plant
knitted rabbit knitted bunny
Do you like amigurumi? Have you tried making any? Amigurumi the japanese art of crocheting ridiculously cute animals or inanimate objects, but if you don't crochet, you may knit something like amigurumi too. This is an original knitting pattern to make this adorable tiny knitted growing plants with faces in pots. They are super cute, super soft, super easy and super fast to make even for beginners. The growing plant measures about 10,5 cm (4,1 inch) to tip of leaves. All pieces of the toy are knitted flat.


Needles: size 2 (2.75mm) straight
Leftovers in terracotta for pots, mousy for covers, yellow, white, purple for heads and green for leaves, some black yarn to embroider for eyes, nose and mouth.
Polyester fiberfill for stuffing
Stitch holder
Tapestry needle
If you use thicker yarn and bigger size of needles you get a bigger toy.
The pattern includes 6 pages of instructions and pictures how to make the bunny.
It will be e-mailed as a PDF document after Pay-Pal payment has been received.

Growing Plants
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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Carrot Field Potholder - free knitting pattern

The Carrot Field Potholder is a fun and useful gift to make for yourself or for anyone who appreciates homemade items. It looks cute displayed on a kitchen wall This is a quick and easy project that you can do in an afternoon.

The holder is made of two layers to protect your hand.

Green layer
Cast on 44 stitches using green yarn.
Rows1 - 5: K all sts
Row 6: (K4, P4) x 5, K4
Row 7: K8, (P4, K4) x 4, K4
(Rows 6-7) x 28
Next 5 rows K all (totally there are 66 rows in the square). Cast off. Break yarn leaving long end. Using a hook make 20 chains (a loop to hang your hot pad).
Yellow layer:
Cast on 44 stitches using yellow yarn.
Rows1 - 5: K all sts
Row 6: (K4, P4) x 5, K4
Row 7: K8, (P4, K4) x 4, K4
Row 8: (K4, P4) x 5, K4
Row 9: K8, (P4, K4) x 4, K4
Row 10: K8, (P4, K4) x 4, K4
Row 11: (K4, P4) x 5, K4
Row 12: K8, (P4, K4) x 4, K4
Row 13: (K4, P4) x 5, K4
( Rows 6 -13) x 6
Next 5 rows K all (totally there are 66 rows in the square)
Cast off. Break yarn.

Carrot (make 9 pieces)
Cast on 10 sts using orange yarn.
1-5 stockinette sitch.
Break yarn. Thread it through sts left on knitting needles, pull to gather tightly, then fasten off. Sew row ends.Using dark green yarn make a tassel on the tops of carrot. Stuff the carrot and sew it to the green square on purl stitches.
Sew two square together leaving one side open you could slip your hand into it.

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