Saturday, August 4, 2018


04.08.2018. Birthday Cupcakes - our new knitting pattern is ready. There are instruction how to knit them using straight needles and using DPNs.

02.08.2018. Here are next adorable pincushions disguised as knitted cupcakes with cherry on top. Aren't they cute? :) Our new knitting pattern - soon!

Standing toy measures about 28 cm (11 inch). Little Caterpillar measures 13 cm (5.1 inch).  All pieces of toys are knitted flat. The pattern includes 15 pages of instruction and pictures how to make Grace the Caterpillar, a doll and her caterpillar-sack and a little caterpillar. 

06.05.2018. A little caterpillar named Grace. She has a dream... Pattern in testing.

01.02.2018. Miss Panda and her cute clothes :)
01.10.2017. Sleeping Bunnies

If you use DK = Light Worsted (8 ply)  yarn (100 g = 300 m) you get standing Skippy the Bunny measuring about 38 cm (15 inch).
All pieces of the toy are knitted flat.

26.09.2017. Soon. Something for newbornies: sleeping binnies. Perfect gift to baby cots :)

01.05.2017. Knit your own Princess and Prince! Pattern is available to buy :)

06.02.2017. Here is Philomena the Princess Doll, our new design. Pattern in progress.

24.06.2016. Pattern for Skippy the Bunny is finished :)

11.06.2016. Time for a new bunny: Here is Skippy the Bunny, our new design. We are working with pattern for him this time :)
knitted bunny

24.03.2016. Our new pattern is ready: Clothes for Knitted Ballerina Doll.

19.02.2016. Our new pattern: Clothes for Knitted Ballerina Doll - soon.
knitted doll

13.02.2016. She is ready - Mirabella the Knitted Doll. 
knitted doll

07.02.2016.  A nice afternoon walk. 
The first scarlet elf cup this year.

knitted doll

knitted doll

knitted doll

02.02.2016. New picture of Mirabella knitted doll.
Mirabella knitted doll - pattern by TwinsKnit

01.02.2016. It is time to finish hibernated pattern for Mirabella the Knitted Doll, we think :)
knitted doll

05.01.2016. Please, let us to introduce our new green character - here is Emeralda the Frog. Pattern in progress.
knitted frog

10.10.2015. Ballerina the Doll - available to buy :)
knitted doll

13.07.2015. Be-My-Friend - available to buy :)
knitted rabbit
07.06.2015. We are so excited to be able to share photo of our new design - bunny. Now it gone for testing :)
knitted rabbit

30.05.2015. Engineer Andrew, the Mole is ready:
knitted mole

 03.04.2015. Happy Easter!

05.02.2015. Alex the Fox - available.
knitted fox
01.02.2015. The beginning of the new year it is good time for a new project. Here is our new idea for knitted toy: Alex the Fox. It is quite easy toy to knit. Pattern for the fox should be ready soon.
knitted fox

27.12.2014. New Pattern for Little Twisted Tail the Piglet:
 Twisted Tail the Piglet

05.08.2014.  Our pattern for Lion Prince is almost ready! It should be ready for some days :)

knitted lion

05.08.2014. We are working with our new idea: Lion Prince. 
knitted lion

25.07.2014. Pattern for Toadstools, the Forest Elves is ready. 

18.07.2014.  It is a cover of our new pattern. The pattern should be ready soon.
knitted doll
18.07.2014. This time we are working with a pattern for forest elves and it is almost ready. Standing Elf measures about 24 cm (9,45 inch). All pieces of the toy are knitted flat.
knitted doll

04.05.2014. Pattern for Aldea the Giraffe (in English) is ready.

01.05.2014. Pattern for Aldea the Giraffe is almost finished :)
knitted giraffe

knitted giraffe

04.03.2014. Our shop is temporaily closed. We are on Spring vacation. See you soon.

16.02.2014. Our new pattern is comming soon. It is Aldea, the Giraffe.
The knitting pattern is already in the testing phase.
Get your countdown clocks ready, it should be available in March/April :)
knitted giraffe

09.02.2014. Frogmella the Frog Girl - knitting pattern is available to buy HERE.

08.02.2014. Frogmella the Frog Girl. She measures about 40 cm (15.7 inches). All pieces of the toy are knitted flat. Clothes are removable.
The pattern will be published in February 2014.
knitted frog