Saturday, September 24, 2016

Pumpkin - free knitting pattern

Knitting pattern for Advanced Beginners Knitters

Pumpkin is knitted flat.

Straight needles size US 4 (3,5mm)
Yarn in DK / Light Worsted (8 ply): orange, green
Tapestry needle,
Polyester stuffing, Hook 3 mm

Using orange yarn cast on 17 sts.
Row 1: P
Row 2: (K1, M1) x 16, K1 ( 33 sts)
Row 3: P
*Row 4: K2(P1, K3) x 7, K2
Row 5: P **
From * to ** repeat 4 more times.
Row 14: K2, (P1, K2tog, K1) x 7, K2tog (25 sts)
Row 15: P
Row 16: K2tog, (P1, K2tog) 7, P1, K1 (17 sts)
Row 17: P
Cut yarn, change into green yarn.
Rows 18  – 19: st st (2 rows)
Row 20: K1, ( K2tog) x 8 ( 9 sts)
Rows 21– 27: st st (7 rows).
Cut yarn leaving a long end. Thread tail through rem sts and pull firmly. Pull and tie cast on row. Sew row ends stuffing as you sew.
Using crochet hook and green yarn make 10 - 15 chains. Cut yarn. Add the chain to green making a handle.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Marigold the Doll and her suits

Knitting pattern for Advanced Knitters 
($ 6 USD) 
Standing Marigold the Doll measures about 24 cm (9.45 inch). All pieces of the toy and her clothes are knitted flat.

Straight needles size US 4 (3,5mm)
Yarn in DK / Light Worsted (8 ply) 
Doll: body color, dark brown, green,  white, red, black 
Pumpkin suit: orange, green
Snowman suit: white, blue
Christmas Tree suit: green, yellow
Tapestry needle, Small buttons: 3 green, 3 black, some buttons in nice colors 
Polyester stuffing, Hook 3 mm
GAUGE: not important if you use the same weight yarn both for toy and clothes.
Pattern requires knowledge of knitting basics such as K, P, K2tog, K3tog, M1 and simple finishing techniques. 

Copy of the pattern will be e-mailed as a PDF document after Pay-Pal payment has been received.

Requested copies are personalized for each request - they are watermarked.

Marigold the Doll
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